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Partner Program

Francisco Ventures invites you to take part in our adventures and join our Partners Program. Sophisticated technologies can be difficult to understand and challenging to implement. Francisco Ventures offers a variety of collaborations based on excellent service and a clear understanding of complex challenges. Our Partners Program includes a wide range of collaborations tailored specifically to meet these challenges, whether you are seeking to integrate your existing products with Francisco Ventures complementary solutions, integrate Francisco Ventures solutions as part of consulting program or system, or to add Francisco Ventures solutions to the portfolio of products you sell. We are here for you and ready for the challenge.



ScadaSudo Ltd is a Cyber protection solution design office which was founded by expert professionals with unique knowledge in the OT and IT world based on vast hands-on experience in industrial control systems. ScadaSudo Ltd design and develop cyber protection solutions best suited to the threats and risks associated with the organization and its business goals. Our experience includes versatile Power Generation and distribution companies, Water transfer and treatment facilities, Oil & Gas plants and distribution facilities, Plants from wide range of manufacturing sectors, Building management systems for campuses and data centers, Governments and Defense bodies.
Our professional teams are leaders in OT cyber security guiding top firms and organizations in achieving the highest security level, and also serve as members in cyber standards committees and standards developing groups. In order to broaden the cyber security knowledge and skill set in the OT domain, we supply a handful of professional cyber security training that can fit any need and professional level.
לוגו שקוף בל

Bell Tronics

Bell Tronics is a leading Hi-Tech technical distribution company, specializing in Sales, Marketing & Technical Support of Hi-Tech products with strong design-in / demand creation activity. Bell Tronics, is focusing on embedded hardware platforms, industrial communication products, smart city solutions, Lidar applications, security and defense markets. Bell Tronics provide professional sales and application support, pre and post sales related activities