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UNIVEX™ UN10X Series

Compatible with millions of computer systems

UNIVEX™ series, a powerful isolated and secure embedded computer in a tiny M.2 2280 card which is ready for integration and deployment into a host computing device with a compatible M.2 2280 slot. Typical host systems for UNIVEX™ include laptops, tablets, servers, motherboards and embedded computers, where a PCIe-based NVMe® solid state drive (SSD) is typically supported.
UNIVEX™ series was designed to operate as a complete and isolated hardware based secure computer system, thus making UNIVEX™ a powerful platform to develop and run multiple operating systems, security applications, store sensitive information, provide high identity protection, create a hardware based VPN tunnel from anywhere and even implement a complete RISC-V CPU over the powerful Xilinx FPGA Core.
UNIVEX™ UN10X series is offered in a standard form factor (22mm x 80mm) card. This card is ready for integration into a host computing device with a compatible M.2 2280 slot.
UNIVEX™ UN10X series is an ideal choice for military or commercial uses, by adding its isolated and secure hardware platform on top of target hosts, and can be provided in two unique versions.

Key highlights of UNIVEX™ :

  • Xilinx® MPSOC Ultrascale + Dual or Quad Core versions with FPGA Core
  • Advanced Hardware Security Elements & Anti-tampering Capabilities
  • Widely Compatible M.2 2280 Form Factor which is commonly found on the motherboards of laptops, tablets and other computing platforms
  • A Development Kit – which enables custom software & FPGA development

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