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QUAM™ Q7 Series

Compatible with millions of embedded systems

For years, companies have been choosing their own embedded computer from a huge variety of embedded solutions to meet custom needs – but these often do not meet the criteria of cyber security. Our tiny secure computers enable many companies to secure their embedded solutions by plugging our secured module on top of their chosen commercial hardware platforms – which in many times lack security by design. 

Francisco Ventures®, a cyber security firm specializing in the development and manufacturing of innovative technologies, is introducing the new QUAM™ Q7 Series, a powerful tiny secure computer which was designed to provide high level security and attack resilience capabilities on top of embedded computers.

QUAM is a state-of-the-art secure computer platform with unique hardware capabilities and exemplary security features, all in a Mini-PCIe form factor and with wide compatibility. 

The QUAM™ Series was designed to operate as a complete and isolated hardware based secure computer system, thus making QUAM™ innovative platform to develop and design security applications, run multiple operating systems, store sensitive information, provide high identity protection, create a hardware-based VPN tunnel and even implement a complete RISC-V CPU over the Xilinx FPGA Core. 

The embeddable QUAM™ Q7 Series integrates a powerful Xilinx® MPSOC Ultrascale+ core for secure, high performance design flexibility and unique protection, combining physical sensors with top-notch security elements. These rich features create a complete, isolated and secure embedded computer in a tiny Mini-PCIe module. 

In addition, by using Francisco’s hardware ,companies can now easily transform from one embedded platform to another just by plugging our module on any embedded board. 


QUAM™  Q7 & Gateworks SBC’s

A powerful integrated solution

Francisco Ventures’ products and design philosophy is to merge the best of both worlds: for example developers and engineers who use the great Gateworks platforms will continue to work with their own Gateworks SBCs without having to make significant changes to their product and at the same time dramatically upgrade their protection capabilities.

The QUAM can be plugged on top of Gateworks SBCs (via Mini-PCIe site) in order to allow isolation of sensitive operation from the main SBC.

Francisco Ventures provides a vanilla based OS for QUAM while the Gateworks SBC (the embedded host) is running its own operating system.

This design will help to completely isolate between secured and unsecured zones, and to allow development teams to focus on the App instead of the security – while the security experts can focus on the security side and write their own secure API/App within Francisco Ventures hardware platforms inside.

Francisco Ventures tiny secure computers enable companies to secure their embedded solutions on top of their own Gateworks SBCs.

In addition, by using Francisco Ventures hardware, companies can now easily transform between various embedded computers simply by plugging the QUAM module on any embedded platform.

QUAM is a state-of-the-art secured computer in a small Mini PCIE form factor which provides a powerful solution for the most data-sensitive industries. It is an ideal choice for military or industrial systems and for designers needing a low-size and secure platform for their mission-critical applications.


Endless Possibilities for Security Applications

Francisco Ventures® develops unique solutions made for a wide variety of cyber security applications for both industrial and military grade markets. The endless possibilities of our platforms and long life availability make them powerful solutions which provide reliability and attack resiliency. Companies that require secure and isolated platforms may quickly and efficiently prototype and convert to a finished product in a very short amount of time. The power of our platforms is that it can be integrated easily into nearly any application, including the more common Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, industrial, health and military sectors.

Potential Applications

  • VPN Tunneling & Advanced Networking
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Cyber Academy & Research Labs
  • Medical Security
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Telemetry
  • Critical Infrastructures

  • IoT & Cloud Security
  • Embedded Platforms
  • Airborne Systems
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Secure ML Operation
  • ZeroTrust & Strong Identity Protection
  • Fintech industry & Cryptocurrency Activities

Francisco Ventures reserves the right to adjust the production detail specifications as may be required to allow for improvements in the design of its products.  Features listed on our website are subject  to changes. Not all functionality is available in all configurations. Please contact Francisco Ventures for latest product features and specifications.