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Endless Possibilities for Security Applications

Francisco Ventures® develops unique solutions made for a wide variety of cyber security applications for both industrial and military grade markets. The endless possibilities of our platforms and long life availability make them powerful solutions which provide reliability and attack resiliency. Companies that require secure and isolated platforms may quickly and efficiently prototype and convert to a finished product in a very short amount of time. The power of our platforms is that it can be integrated easily into nearly any application, including the more common Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, industrial, health and military sectors.

Potential Applications

  • VPN Tunneling & Advanced Networking
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Cyber Academy & Research Labs
  • Medical Security
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Telemetry
  • Critical Infrastructures

  • IoT & Cloud Security
  • Embedded Platforms
  • Airborne Systems
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Secure ML Operation
  • ZeroTrust & Strong Identity Protection
  • Fintech industry & Cryptocurrency Activities

Francisco Ventures reserves the right to adjust the production detail specifications as may be required to allow for improvements in the design of its products.  Features listed on our website are subject  to changes. Not all functionality is available in all configurations. Please contact Francisco Ventures for latest product features and specifications.